About Elite Fight Store

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EB FightGear is a subsidiary of Elite Boxing. The company handles every aspect of the merchandising of all products related to and bearing the logos of Elite Boxing and all its subsidiary companies.

All of the merchandise is professionally designed and manufactured to the highest standards. The operating scope of EB FightGear includes the design, manufacture, marketing and distribution of all the conglomerate’s merchandise. EB FightGear has three main product lines:

Elite FightWear
The first product line trades under the name Elite FightWear. This is a range of trendy, street clothing and accessories targeting a young and fashion-conscious demographic of both male and female customers. The range features t-shirts, sweat shirts, sweat pants, sweat suits, hooded tops, jackets, shorts, sneakers, bags and sweatbands.

The second product line is the TVC range. This exclusive collection of casual clothing and accessories is the official merchandising range for the Thailand vs Challenger Series and Qualifiers. The range features t-shirts, polo shirts, flags, pennants, scarves and bags. In addition to a standard TVC line under the theme of Defending National Pride, there are sub-lines for each separate event.

Elite Boxing Fight Gear
The third product line is Elite Boxing Fight Gear. This is a range of high-quality clothing and equipment that can be worn by both professional and amateur fighters for fights and training. The range includes gloves, shorts and sweat suits.